About this Blog

Welcome to my blog. I’m Tracey O’Brien. I initially created my blog to as a space that discusses current issues in terms that were clear and based on facts taken from either primary source documents or sources that were focused on the facts rather than partisan rhetoric. As I researched issues and drafted my first few commentaries, I  became increasingly sensitive to how quickly conversations deteriorated into uncivil and disrespectful exchanges.

I also created this blog as a forum to discuss political issues from a parent’s perspective. The purpose of writing from a parent’s perspective  as opposed to a political perspective is to encourage others to discuss current issues without the assumptions, divisiveness, and lack of basic civility that, disappointingly, has become the norm in today’s society. The blog encourages the practices of suspending assumptions, asking questions, and finding common ground on current issues to reach innovative solutions.

What if we could read an article about an issue without using the labels that influence our decision about what the outcome must be based on our politics? What if we looked at each issue as a parent does with the intent to achieve the best outcome for their child’s development and welfare? My intent is that this blog would become a space for people to enjoy discussions, unfettered by preconceptions; to find common ground; and to move forward with new and innovative solutions for issues that we need to resolve in a thoughtful and inclusive way.


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