Gun Violence in America

On a winter evening, a stillness is felt as one walks past the East Front Capital in Washington D.C. Yet, in that stillness, a microcosm pulses. Commuters walk briskly past the Senate buildings on their way to Union Station to catch a train to home, to a class, or to a second job. Others walk southeast, past the fa├žade of the House buildings on their way to Bullfeathers or another destination. All pass the small plastic shelters that form tents over heat vents under which the homeless huddle during the cold night. Above the street, lights of staffers working into the evening dot the windows in the Senate and House buildings. Their work will intimately touch the lives of all: the old and young, the experienced and inexperienced, the successful and the struggling, the powerful and the powerless. To maintain stability in our complex society, the members of Congress must find common ground on those difficult issues that threaten the stability of our society and our way of life.

Gun violence threatens our families, our society, and our way of life. Consider the statistics: Continue reading “Gun Violence in America”